The Truth, The Whole Truth, And Nothing But The Truth

(So Help Me Me)

I certainly have more cowardly enemies than any other Thelemite and it is this which proves that I am the only sincere, true, honest, manly, noble, and polite person among the whole bunch. If you fall for the tricks and slanders of my slanderous slanderers you will find yourself no better then them. Far far better to pay heed and learn from the only Thelemic teacher who has the bravery to fight back against the sulliers of Aleister Crowley's good name.

There are a few other sincere and honest teachers of Thelema, but they have chosen for their own good reasons which those who have not advanced far along the path of initiation could not expect to know or understand to stay secret for the time being though in the future some will undoubtedly rear their heads to support and publicly avow Frater B as the one true worldwide head of all true Thelemic people.

Though the Gods and the outer space Aliens know me as Frater Beauttochs to most of the world of men I am called I.B. Butthead. The most that my cowardly enemies can impugn against me is simply that I was not born I.B. Butthead but have adopted that name as the one most suitable to me. Of course this is no different than the highly astute and cultured Aleister Crowley who adopted that name as bettter suited to him then Edward Crowley. Just because my birth name was Imananus Barton does not mean that that name is any better suited to me than I.B. Butthead, in fact the latter is far more fitting, and anyone who sullies himself and me by refering to me as Imananus Barton instead of I.B. Butthead is just making themselves look bad and me look good. Aleister Crowley would kill people for less, and rightly so.

I am just a human being no better and no worse than any other human being when all is said and done, but one who has something extremely important to say and who is capable of saying it better and in a more noble and pure fashion than any other mortal on the face of the planet. I am also extremely modest, almost to a fault, and would never think of blowing my own horn. When my cowardly enemies attack me and call me an egomaniac they are just proving themselves to be exactly that and showing me to be the one who is right.

Many many people have written me or called me on the telephone at all hours, much to my dismay, and several times I have been cheered on the streets by large groups of people who are behind me and support me 100%, and only my love of their privacy, and my distaste at drawing attention to myself, prevent me from naming them all right here on the spot.

Though it's not easy to run an international magickal Thelemic fraternity, write some of the finest stories and novels ever penned, reveal all the mysteries of religion and magick in plain simple and clear terms, lucid to even the rankest beginner, and to hold down two minimum wage fulltime jobs at the same time, all while being a globetrotting socialite and jetsetter. I still find the time to do it all, and though I don't like it anymore then I like taking out the garbage I still have to do it because Aleister Crowley would have wanted it that way.

My cowardly enemies may try and deceive you by saying that I.B. Butthead is a lying egomaniac, or I.B. Butthead is a one man band, or that I.B. Butthead is a mercenary theiving phony charlatan, or a stupid, sadistic, semiliterate petty vandal. But I won't let any of that stop me from continuing to bring you the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. By Horus and by my grandfather[Cyrus Emmanuel Barton, Jr.]'s good name I swear to uphold the good name of Aliester Crowley and continue his legacy in the most noble, the most manly, and the most polite way possible.