The Wholly Holy Lineage

of the


+++++ The O.T.O.T.O. came out into the open of the public eye only in 1990 e.v., but it has actually existed for far far far far longer then that. It has existed longer then the earth and the sun, but only in it's most esoteric forms. On earth it has run like a quiver throughout the entire history of life on earth. The dinosaurs were guided by it as well as the early men who hunted them to extinction. In human history the bearers of the torch have been many and we worthily commemorate them worthy that did of old proceed me and manifest our glory unto ourselves and our neighbors, especially and including (flashing names are especially revered among us) ++++++

Philip of Macedonia
Ch'in Shih Huang Ti
King Herod
Paul of Tarsus
Augustine of Hippo
Mohammed al-Nabi
Phillipe le Beau of France
Martin Luther
Joseph Smith
Richard Wagner
Jack the Ripper
Fu Manchu
Colonel Harlan Sanders
Al Capone
Lex Luthor
Richard Nixon
and Sir Rupert Murdoch

[note: some ignorant women have complained that there are no women on our list of illustrious forebears, but they fail to see the signal honor implied by the fact that there are far too many worthy women to name enough of them to be fair to any one of them, after all, there had to be someone to take care of the home and children, keeping things nice and tidy for everyone]