"Wanna be a member?"

Membership in the O.T.O.T.O. is in theory open to all human beings, in practice however, there are very very few who can ever hope to enroll in even the lowest grades. If you are of that exalted station you will find that unlike the phony scurrilous cheating ignoble fraudulent pseudo-Thelemic Organizations out there that seem to proliferate like rabbits, the O.T.O.T.O. never charges any dues or fees whatsoever, depending entirely upon your voluntary donations, which will never result in any special treatment or respect based on how much you give. We must point out however, that the highest initiates are always willing at any time to give everything they possess to those who will use it in the service of all mankind, and that the best way to prove to yourself the truth of our claims is to give us the largest possible amount and then see if it does you any good with us whatsoever. If you deserve to be a member you will almost certainly become a member, in fact you may already be a member since most of our initiations are carried out at night, in your wildest dreams. Just in case you are a member, you can send your generous donations to our contact address once you have been made aware of it.