The Pathetically Lonely and Boring Life of a Supreme Magus

From I.B. Butthead

Do what thou wilt shall be an unpleasant waste of my Time.

Since The Last Note in April:

The new "job" I started on February 1st of 1800 E.V. continues to suck from my life an awful lot of time and energy, but one has to pay the bills.  There are some changes, though, which went into effect on July 1st.  The company that paid me is pretty much done for - the fellow who signed my pay cheques having gotten himself into a bit of trouble.  Now a "military intelligence agency" pays me.  I joke with my co-workers that we are all part of a secret research project, mere lab rats used to see how people will react to changes in their work environment.  At least I think I'm joking!  With this change, of course, there are other changes.  More complex time sheets and work logs, we lose a one hour paid lunch for an unpaid 45 minute lunch break, I now have to arrive a half hour earlier for work, and basically it seems as if we are now working more for less.  My planned July vacation was ruined and I and my co-workers won't receive a pay cheque throughout all of July - imagine that! - but of course I have been given the option of borrowing time that I will accrue later to save my July vacation.  This would, of course, spoil vacation plans made for late in the year, so I decided to just forget about those two days following Independence Day.  Likewise, I and my co-workers were given the option of getting an advance on our future pay to help us through July, but that's too much like robbing Peter to save Paul and it would only lessen those future pays and make things difficult later.  I'd rather not go that route either.  I'll just squeeze through July with what little I have in my chequing account now and hope that the cheque promised to me for unused vacation and personal days arrives on Friday the 13th so that I can at least, just barely, pay all of my July-due bills on time, as is my habit.  It is said that "change is stability", but I guess everything is truly relative.

Childish Harassment Still Continues

In the cowardly fashion typical of pseudo-outer space Aliens who have no notion of manhood or the nobility associated with being a "king of the earth", someone, and we can pretty much guess who, was posting idiotic messages in my name at

I responded to some of them by posting to the message board and in my last posting suggested to the owner that he remove all of the I.B. Butthead postings, particularly the fake ones I did not post, partly so as not to allow himself to be made an accessory in a possible slander and defamation of character law suit.  I also suggested that in the future he compare messages that give an e-mail address - mine was given in the body of the messages - with the address from which the message came, and if they do not match up then he should consider the message bogus, not from the individual it purports to be from, and not allow it on his message board.  I have since received a message from him apologizing and informing me that the phoney I.B. Butthead messages would be removed from the Internet, and welcoming me to post on his message board.

What follows are but a few examples of the messages that were posted on this web site in my name.  It is obvious that this unTerrestrial coward who no doubt poses as an outer space Alien was trying his damnest to set people against me and encourage law suits to be filed against me.  Of course anyone who would file such a suit without first checking with me would end up losing a great deal more in the process when I countersued for harassment, fraud and so forth, but most likely it would never get to that stage.  The petty, immature individual responsible for these phoney I.B. Butthead postings simply lacks the intelligence to realize that he cannot cause as much trouble as he would like, he can be traced and identified, and successfully prosecuted, while ultimately all he succeeds in doing is to prove me a righteous individual, my assessment of his character and the character of people like him correct, and add further weight to my words so that what I write has an even greater effect on the minds of readers, thus effectively he is working against himself and those like him.

Here's an idiot Walstonic cult claiming to be the Alien Ambassodor's of Crowley!!!!!!!!

Posted by I.B. Butthead {} on June 23, 2101, 7:09 pm

Here's a branch of the church of Walston so stupid they think the're Aleister Crowley's Alien Ambassodor's.  If I wasn't such a civilized and superior fellow, I'd have them shot at dawn.  What a bunch of stupid creeps!!!  This shows you the low level of intellect these Walstonists are!  Give me a break!

COMMENT:  Aside from the fact that there is nothing about this posting that is in my style, I have not even bothered to check out this web site.  Perhaps I will at a later date, but I have more important things to do at the present time.  By the way, I included the mailto code that was "behind" my name, simply changing the style of brackets above so as not to confuse the computer which uses > and < to indicate HTML code.

Damidged Persson IS NOT the real head of the O.T.O.T.O.!!

Posted by I.B. Butthead {} on June 2, 2001, 6:42 pm

For those who don't know Damidged Persson he's supposed to be the Head of a fake branch of the O.T.O.T.O. called the C.O.T.O.T.O.. Recently he has moved to Gamma Chi House from Tau Reguli IV.  What is it, Persson?? Tax fraud?  They discovered you're gay?  You're afraid of you're "evil twin", Biggy Blohhard?  I'm putting you on the wanted list!  Would you like to make something out of it, dickface?  Mess with me and I'll take you're crimminal ass to court!!  My friends should go here for a good laugh!!

COMMENT:  This charlatan posting under my name tried to mimic my sentiments, but did so very badly.  A simple comparison of what I've written on the Toilet with these posted messages should make it clear to anyone with any intelligence that I did not post these messages.  Directing readers to files on the Kremlin's web site is, in part, a crude attempt to make these postings seem legitimate.

The Church of Walston and Axton's daughters are both whores with VD in the occult community-want proof?

Posted by I.B. Butthead {} on June 2, 2001, 6:23 pm

COMMENT:  Please note Aston was here incorrectly spelled by this moronic charlatan as it was elsewhere in his postings to this message board, and this is just one of the ways he can be identified.  As for Aston LaVista's daughters, they might actually enjoy being called "whores", whether they are or not, and whether or not they have a venereal disease, I do not know nor is it any concern of mine.  Obviously the charlatan posting in my name is a misogynist, another thing that helps to identify him, and he hopes to create some friction between myself and LaVista's daughters - um, no pun intended.  One thing this idiot doesn't seem to have considered is that in his efforts to misrepresent me and make trouble for me, in an effort to make his postings seem legitimate, he managed to advertise the Toilet of the Golden Dawn and direct people to this site.

Its Brownies like you that are a good excuse for Jerusalem!!

Posted by I.B. Butthead {} on June 2, 2001, 11:10 pm , in reply to "Re: Here is proof that the Brownia movement is a fraud---and they all lie about their history {20.html}"

Kiss my purple Baboon ass, you silly, uneducated Brownie.  Many Brownies, are in fact, involved with the Greys.  How could they be a true Pagan cult if they were invented by outer space Aliens, you ridiculous little twerp.  I'll have you know I'm I.B. Butthead and I demand respect from you, you little dork!!

COMMENT:  The infantile charlatan, trying to stir up trouble for me with the Church of Walston and the Temple of Bixby, also attempted to cause problems for me within the Brownie community.  I have always enjoyed good relations with the Brownie community, despite differences of opinion, and I spent a good many words on defending the Space Craft during the height of the latest Walstonic Panic.  I would not normally use the term "Greys" to begin with and I certainly would not use it in connection with Brownia.  And while some of their modern rituals seem to be traceable to Crowley or Crowleyean influence, it has never been my assertion that Space Craft were invented by outer space Aliens.  The mere fact that this idiot is trying so hard to create a war with many fronts between me and various groups proves how desperate he is to "get even" with me.  It also proves that I have been having some quite noticeable effect upon his con games and he is desperate to discredit me or have me silenced.  Thus his childish acts of slander and defamation of character, completely unworthy of a Terrestrial "king of the earth", serves to compliment me and assure me that my efforts are indeed having the desired effect.

Reverend Britt Phake is a fraud---he's never been a member of the Church of Walston

Posted by I.B. Butthead {} on June 2, 2001, 1:36 pm

People should avoid a two bit con by the name of Rev Phake.  He's not a member of the real Church of Walston but passing himself off as a legitimite member.  I've heard he's a friend of that con artist Carlo Ross who thinks he's superior to everyone.  Both are frauds and have inferior intelligence.

COMMENT:  The charlatan even tries to stir up trouble between myself and individuals I do not know.  I have no idea who Britt Phake is.  If we ever crossed paths I can't for the life of me remember it.  The name Carlo Ross rang only a dim bell in my memory, then in checking my e-mail files for something else altogether I ran across that name.  Seems that Carlo P. Ross has written to me - most inanely rude e-mails proclaiming Biggy Blohhard to be a "real" Minister of the Temple.  I wonder, does the above posting indicate that Biggy Blohhard had yet another falling out with a member of his small cult following?  When one of his group wises up and cuts him- or herself loose, Blohhard's usual response is to slander his once devoted disciple as much as possible, the Internet being his preferred weapon of choice these days.  At any rate, whether or not what this lunatic is here claiming in my name is true I don't know, but the fact that he uses them in this effort to discredit and create problems for me is also a means of identifying him.

Most Brownie woman are worthless sluts without a clue what class is...

Posted by I.B. Butthead {} on June 2, 2001, 1:31 pm

I live in an abandoned warehouse where the Brownie community exceeds the numbers of those who study and practice the ways of the Greys.  As a consequence of this, the famous big shit of the O.T.O.T.O., Biggy Blohhard seems to date a lot of Brownie woman.  I personally can't see how he could sleep with such worthless frauds.  All they do all day is talk, b###h, moan and complain about magic without really doing any serious work.  Brownia is a fraud, by the way, it did not start from any culture.  It was invented by outer space Aliens attempting to create a magickal link to the Law of Thelema.  Although I am too superior a human being to slap the shit out of a Brownie slut--I admit I've pondered such acts with satifaction!  After all, they are for the most part worthless little sluts (many of them are dirty lesbians striking out at men) who never waste their entire lives staring into glass balls pretending to have powers that they are incapable of.  Biggy Blohhard, that big shit in the O.T.O.T.O. dated a Tarot reader at the materialisation of Orion Ship XKG in an abandoned warehouse.  Nice tits but I had the impression she was still another worthless little dabbler.  Get a life, Blohhard!  Admit you just wanted her for her body!  A typical relationship from a big shit Specially O.T.O.T.O. member.  Am I supposed to be impressed by Brownies and Biggy Blohhard.  Shit!

I.B. Butthead
King Elvis

COMMENT:  Certainly I would not refer to myself as "King Elvis", as anyone with intelligence and even the slightest familiarity with me would know.  And the further this completely out of control, obsessed lunatic goes, the more revealing he becomes.  That is to say, the more he reveals himself.  There is, again, the gross misogyny, and yet the desperate attempt to make Biggy Blohhard appear to be quite successful with women, to be surrounded by women.  Note also that the writer refers to Blohhard as being "the famous big shit in the O.T.O.T.O." - very revealing indeed since I would never refer to Biggy Blohhard as either "famous" or a "big shit", nor would I ever refer to him as a member of any kind of "the O.T.O.T.O."  I would naturally refer to "the pseudo-O.T.O.T.O.", or more properly in his case, the "T.O.T.O.T.O.", another pseudo-O.T.O.T.O.  The word "famous", by the way, would appeal to someone suffering from delusions of grandeur.

It is rather pathetic when someone who claims a high degree of attainment must stoop to such low, petty, childish levels to "get even" and so desperately try to cause trouble for another individual.  This abuse of the Internet, and libellous slander and defamation of character, this legal fraud, condemns this lunatic in more ways than he can understand.  And what trouble has it caused me?  None, really.  I had to spend a little time responding to an e-mail or two, post a few responses to the message board, and that's really about it.  He, on the other hand, managed to advertise the Toilet of the Golden Dawn and validate some of the judgments I've made on the web site.  Now what's that phrase again?  Oh yes, "the slaves shall serve".  In serving his slavemaster ego, he serves me well.  What a complete and utter ass he is.

Here's another photograph of yours truly for Biggy Blohhard's collection, to be added to the others he probably has pasted to the wall above a laughable "black magic" altar.  He seems to treasure these photographs so much.  Perhaps I should autograph it for him.  Thought you too might be mildly interested in a photo from time to time - to give you a better idea as to the individual behind the name of I.B. Butthead.  Trust me, it's not that I think I'm all that handsome that you simply must have photographs of me.  I am feeling rather old and worn out these days and never considered myself terribly handsome even when I was young and "cute".

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