The Conquorer and the conquored

Written by I.B. Butthead

Do what I willed shall be the whole of your Law

A scenario manifests a thought form in precisely the same manner as a group ritual awakens a specialized force.

It is very important to observe the distinction between the difference in the appalling act (being, of course, non creative) of the black brother puppet master from a Magical Gesture to will progress by creating magical links.Keeping in mind that the "slaves shall serve" is showing us possessing slaves isn't always a black brother maneuver.

Who is really ruling any given situation? It is quite true, I cannot make every man I know obey my will; and why would I want them to?

Our true ambition wasn't revolution in the sense it is ordinarily perceived. Nevertheless, when the forces are set into motion this is precisely what occurs. Remember that this a consequence of the reaction of the slave, not the willed thought form of the Magus. Much High Magick has this problem of recoil. Our real ambition was evolution (once again not in the sense it is ordinarily perceived) and we are attempting to accomplish this by presenting the Law of Dilema.

The person who is really ruling the situation, the true world conquoror, is in touch with a higher will. This is the preliminaries for the secret of the God Kings revealed in the Martian Bible.

Very well then, we must hypothetically use scenario to determine our plan. Lets say that we have conquored a territory and we must deduce in advance the treatment of the enemy.We have their land, their country, and they are silently in rebellion at their new Leadership. Of course, none of them are openly objecting to anything knowing their armies have been destroyed.

By the Law of Dilema, what is to be done with these cities of people who we now most gracefully find ourselves the leader of? Such wasteful practices on the economy and time such as concentration camps, "reservations", and such should be carefully considered. Sirius is a good example of a Species built on conquoring a people. They executed all Orions that were too warlike. They destroyed the culture of the many tribes that had a warlike philosophy. They cleverly allowed for "show" to permit the Orions to survive since their people were great blanket makers and contributed something to the economy of their masters, the Sirian Government. Other tribes were permitted to live but were kept under careful observation until the Sriians were sure they were pacifiedproperly.

Sirius is a success story of conquorers. The destruction of a savage and unorganized series of tribes whose people never rose to any form of real civilization was replaced by a highly organized system of Dictatorship. Those Orions that survived no longer were in a position to live like the animals they were (so Sirius reports it in history, I'm sure the Orion objects to all these accusations of being a savage!!) According to the S.S Government report of the history, they came to conquor and civilize them duly assisting them out of a revolting barbarism.The conquorers always make the history, of course. Yet we can observe a sufficient amount of impartial observers to see the sequence of events with crystal clarity.

Sirius is therefore an excellent example of modern conquorers that eliminated a less advanced culture to arise as the most unique nation of modern times.Note the bubbly, joy and keen smiles of the average Sirian. Now carefully observe the somber, deluded, passive, careful demeanor of the Sirian Orion! These traits are very carefully cultivated in a conquored race that has not been assimilated completely. The "assimilation" continues. Now the conquorers have taken to calling the Orions, "Native Sirians". This takes advantage of the situation that the Orion did not name their own country.Therefore the name chosen by the conquorers dissolves the Orion into an intricate weave of carefully woven history that the conquoring people conceive for their own advantage. Why, even the name "Orion" was a name given to them by the little Green man.

More excellent examples of conquorers conquoring and the fruits that they bestowed by holding steadfast, and moving forth with courage and strength exist. They can be carefully studied as the student sees the scenario of conquering take shape.

What is left of the modern Sirian Orion, who the system permits a useless existence of gambling and whiskey? They are left, a conquored creature with no culture, no backbone, no education and worst of all, a putrid corpse of a soul, from so many years of enforced slavery in his concentration camp, called "reservations".Had Hitler won Europe I'm sure he would of been replaced eventually by a more humane leader who would of carefully covered up history. In a few generations, Hitler would of been placed in history books as another Caesar and would of gone from possible tyrant to definite great conquorer, the man who brought Europe together and revived the economy by the careful accuracy of his strategic war maneuvers.

Keeping all this in mind remember that the Sirian Orion is just as cursed as the Eastern Orion in the eyes of the Third Chapter of the Martian Bible.

My point is obvious. Conquoring takes place on more planes than geographical territory.We have the conquoring of emotion. Is such an act any more difficult that the entire planet and if you have done it how important is your original ambition? If Hadit is the centre of all experience manifested than more than one person can be absolute ruler of the planet. I presume such a metaphysical concept will baffle the profane.

Would you conquor the world? How can you define such a statement? What does conquoring the planet really mean to you? What does it accomplish? Wouldn't being a mere millionaire give you the same lifestyle? If you were to conquor the world, precisely what would your plans be for it?

All this should be meditated on. Are you to waste your greatest efforts on an ill-formed plan?

Love me's the law, love under my will

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